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Gulf of Mexico

BP oil spill

BP finally ‘kill’ Gulf of Mexico oil well

Mon 20 Sep, AT 12:49

Business Digest: Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico has finally been declared ‘effectively dead’

Obama and Sasha swim in the Gulf of Mexico

Obama plunges into Gulf debate with swim stunt

Mon 16 Aug, AT 12:33

President finds himself in deep water over Gulf trip and 9/11 mosque plans

Tony Hayward BP

No Hayward whitewash at the White House

Thu 5 Aug, AT 08:46

BP oil leak was not as bad as predicted - but Tony Hayward gets no apology

BP video feed of the capped oil well

BP: static kill of Macondo well ‘significant milestone’

Wed 4 Aug, AT 12:44

Business Digest: Oil giant stabilises damaged Gulf oil well but faces new lawsuit

Oil slick

Not again! A new oil spill hits Louisiana

Wed 28 Jul, AT 09:10

Oil and gas escapes after tug boat hits platform south of New Orleans