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Gulf of Mexico

Oil slick

Not again! A new oil spill hits Louisiana

Wed 28 Jul, AT 09:10

Oil and gas escapes after tug boat hits platform south of New Orleans

Tony Hayward BP

BP’s huge loss - a good day to ‘bury’ Tony Hayward

Mon 26 Jul, AT 07:35

Bob Dudley expected to replace Tony Hayward at BP as second quarter results plummet into the red

BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill clean up

Ships leave oil spill site as storm Bonnie closes in

Fri 23 Jul, AT 14:12

Tropical storm could delay permanent plugging of BP’s leaking oil well by up to two weeks


Congress v Hayward: how it became a witch-hunt

Fri 18 Jun, AT 14:42
Coline Covington

First Post psychoanalyst Coline Covington on the xenophobic fantasy behind the oil spill outrage

Barack Obama

Obama v BP: What happens next

Tue 15 Jun, AT 15:22

What President Obama and BP want out of Wednesday’s meeting