Hacked Off

04 Nov, 2013

Culture Secretary surprises all sides by agreeing that newspapers should have a chance to self-regulate

09 Oct, 2013

Meanwhile, Guardian's rivals round on the paper for supporting the press charter Grant wants

03 Jul, 2013

Phone-hacking victims dismayed that PM appears to prefer newspapers' own plan for regulator

19 Mar, 2013

Hacked Off group were in on late-night talks - but the papers weren't. Now they're threatening a boycott

18 Mar, 2013

Did Cameron blink first - or did he stand his ground? Either way, he's accepted a 'tiny bit of statute'

15 Mar, 2013

Labour and the Lib Dems form 'unholy alliance' as PM goes it alone and puts royal charter plan to vote

14 Mar, 2013

PM runs out of patience over 'unbridgeable gap' on press regs. Has he made an historic mistake?

07 Jan, 2013

Campaign group says its bill is true to the judge's original report and will stop political meddling

30 Nov, 2012

Steve Coogan, Hugh Grant and Gerry McCann on the attack over crucial need for statutory underpinning

29 Nov, 2012

Tony Blair's former spin doctor praises Leveson's report, but others demur