The Hague

Does Dutch Queen's abdication raise Prince Charles' hopes?

Talking Point
Tue 29 Jan, AT 11:37

A tale of two monarchs: one quits at 74, the other soldiers on at 86

Genocide? I should be rewarded for good works, says Karadzic

Tue 16 Oct, AT 11:18

The former Bosnian Serb leader denies charges of genocide and war crimes. What is his defence?

Mladic trial halted over 'errors' as 'Butcher' applauds evidence

One-Minute Read
Thu 17 May, AT 14:06

Bosnian Serb commander claps as court shows film of him in Srebrenica before massacre

Charles Taylor found guilty of aiding Sierra Leone war crimes

First Reaction
Thu 26 Apr, AT 13:06

Former president of Liberia helped rebels plan atrocities and was paid in 'blood' diamonds

Mia Farrow Charles Taylor war crimes blood diamond trial the Hague

What they’re saying about the blood diamonds trial

Tue 10 Aug, AT 16:40

Is this a war crimes trial or a bitch-fight? The day Charles Taylor took a back seat at his own hearing

Naomi Campbell

Charles Taylor ‘gave Naomi a blood diamond’

Fri 15 Jan, AT 11:22

British supermodel’s name surfaces in the war crimes trial of the former Liberian president

Radovan Karadzic

Radovan Karadzic: all the signs of a psychopath

Tue 27 Oct, AT 07:52
Coline Covington

The First Post’s psychoanalyst is reminded of Goering, who also relished attention

Ratko Mladic footage

Mladic footage aired on Bosnian TV

Thu 11 Jun, AT 18:52

Video of the Serbian leader, who is wanted for war crimes, shows him drinking and dancing and enjoying a skiing holiday in 2008