Gaza City
08 Jul, 2015

A year after the war began, hope is yet to emerge from the rubble. Palestinians blame Israel, Egypt and their own weak government

27 May, 2015

Amnesty International claims Hamas used conflict with Israel to execute and torture its enemies

10 Apr, 2015

As the chances of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict fade, few alternatives remain

24 Feb, 2015

Leaked documents from Al Jazeera reveal unprecedented look into the world of international espionage

Columnist Venetia Rainey
18 Dec, 2014

Hamas removed from terror blacklist, Palestinian state recognised by EU – 17 December was a big day

17 Dec, 2014

Hamas welcomes ruling as a 'correction of injustice', but Israel calls for an immediate reversal

06 Nov, 2014

Hamas claims responsibility for the killing of an Israeli policeman amid fears of a third intifada

27 Aug, 2014

Neither Palestinians nor Israelis have achieved what they wanted: we will be back here again

Celebrations in Gaza
27 Aug, 2014

2,200 people died in the conflict and 11,000 were injured. Can either side claim the war was a success?

Charles Laurence
14 Aug, 2014

As Clinton pledges support for Israel, Generation Millennial more likely to sympathise with Hamas