Smoke billows from Gaza City following Israeli military shelling
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23 Jul, 2014

Al Jazeera says Israel was behind 'targeted shots' but IDF denies responsibility

Israeli troops with artillery shells waiting to be fired into Gaza
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21 Jul, 2014

Israel accused of using imprecise 'flechette shells', which shower a target with tiny steel darts

Israeli soldiers walk to their deployment area on the border with Gaza
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18 Jul, 2014

Defeat of Hamas may be off the cards, but Israel hopes to achieve a more limited victory

17 Jul, 2014

Bombing Gaza is like handing Popeye a can of spinach - it won't weaken Hamas, only make it stronger

A huge explosion in Gaza following an early morning Israeli airstrike
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14 Jul, 2014

Israeli military hits buildings in Gaza with an unarmed 'knock on the roof' to warn of airstrikes

Israeli warplanes launch a strike in the Gaza Strip
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13 Jul, 2014

IDF tells north Gaza residents to leave ‘for their own safety’ as fighting intensifies

09 Jul, 2014

This is more about dividing Palestinians for political ends than it is about three dead Israeli teenagers

A missile is launched by an 'Iron Dome' battery in the Gaza strip
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01 Aug, 2014

Israel's Iron Dome intercepts Hamas rockets, but reports suggest that it may have been hacked by China

Palestinians carry the body of a woman killed in an Israeli air strike
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11 Jul, 2014

Russia, France and the US call for ceasefire as death toll in Gaza reaches 80

Israeli tanks on the border of the Gaza Strip
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04 Jul, 2014

Hamas 'cannot afford sustained escalation' after crack down on Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt