Israeli tanks on the border of the Gaza Strip
04 Jul, 2014

Hamas 'cannot afford sustained escalation' after crack down on Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

Benjamin Netanyahu (Left) stands next to Shimon Peres (Right)
07 May, 2014

Shimon Peres says two-state solution was agreed before it was ‘ended’ by Netanyahu

13 Nov, 2013

Middle East analysts are split: does Al-Modallal represent a sign of real progress?

26 Nov, 2012

Netanyahu's defence minister wants more time with his family – or does he have another agenda?

23 Nov, 2012

‘A major blow to the revolution’ says ElBaradei as president hands himself sweeping new powers

19 Nov, 2012

Air strike meant for leader of Hamas rocket teams kills nine members of the wrong family

18 Nov, 2012

Israel warns Palestinians of ‘second phase’ of operation against Hamas, but is an invasion really necessary?

16 Nov, 2012

Hisham Qandil calls on world to 'take responsibility' in stopping Israel's 'unacceptable aggression'

15 Nov, 2012

The government spokesman who even Paxman never tamed is back to put Israel’s case for attacking Gaza