29 Apr, 2013

American's memoir discusses her sexual history and a letter she wrote to Meredith Kercher's parents

03 Dec, 2012

News International's Tom Mockridge, who also wanted the role, quits after 22 years with Murdoch

29 Oct, 2012

New books giant created as traditional publishers face up to threat from Amazon

Person reading Sunday Times
28 Jun, 2012

Rupert Murdoch announces separation of assets as one-time rival Fairfax goes for radical restructure too

Rupert Murdoch
26 Jun, 2012

Hiving off the newspapers from the profitable film and TV business would please shareholders and stop the rot

Apple ipad ebooks
12 Apr, 2012

The US government says Apple colluded with publishers over pricing, but they might have done readers a favour

Greenland ice climate change
21 Sep, 2011

Google Earth more accurate than £150 atlas, says angry Greenland specialist

kay burley
31 Mar, 2011

Sky anchor’s political bonkbuster features bad sex and a glowing endorsement from Lord Mandelson