Harriet Harman

20 Jul, 2015

Labour leadership candidates could rebel against amendment that backs some of the Budget measures

08 Jun, 2015

Harriet Harman claims that even Labour supporters were privately relieved about last month's defeat

Harriet Harman
13 Feb, 2015

Labour MP’s wife Karen Danczuk, known for her ‘cleavage selfies’, claims Harriet’s been patronising again

Labour's pink van
11 Feb, 2015

Twitter brands Labour campaign 'patronising', but Harriet Harman insists bus is magenta not pink

Labour leader Ed Miliband
03 Dec, 2014

From 'weedy and square' comprehensive school pupil to opposition leader. Will Ed be the next PM?

Harriet Harman
09 Jul, 2014

Harman accuses Gordon Brown of discrimination and David Cameron of 'window dressing'

 Labour Leader Ed Miliband
24 May, 2014

Disappointment and fear grip party after a lacklustre performance in local council elections

27 Feb, 2014

Daily Mail's war against Harriet Harman is based on misconceptions, says Chris Moores

25 Feb, 2014

Labour figures accused of working for civil liberties group with links to paedophile rights campaigners

Don Brind
21 Jan, 2014

Anything that damages Nick Clegg is a boost for Ed Miliband as polls continue to back Labour