Harriet Harman

29 Aug, 2013

Politicians divided on whether intervention will prevent future chemical attacks or lead to 'absolute disaster'

18 Jul, 2013

Prime Minister says all-male clubs belong in the past but some senior Tories might disagree

18 Jun, 2013

Attorney General steps in after 15-month sentence for 14 sex assaults prompts chorus of outrage

16 May, 2013

Research shows older women are airbrushed off our TV screens - while baggy-looking men thrive

18 Mar, 2013

Did Cameron blink first - or did he stand his ground? Either way, he's accepted a 'tiny bit of statute'

16 Nov, 2012

Can people power force multinationals to start paying reasonable taxes? And who will a boycott really hurt?

12 Nov, 2012

I'm the man for the job, says Question Time host – but many would like to see an outsider brought in

07 Oct, 2012

From the Sunday papers: from Cole’s reaction to US X Factor sack to Hugh Grant’s discourteous performance at ethics debate

Harriet Harman
31 Oct, 2010

Labour deputy leader accused of being anti-Scottish as she insults Lib Dem minister Danny Alexander