Harry Potter

J K Rowling

Why J K Rowling's new novel is called 'The Casual Vacancy'

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Thu 12 Apr, AT 16:41

Billionaire's 'black comedy' centres on a death in the apparently idyllic village of Pagford

Moss asks Paltrow: 'why don't you eat some f****** carbs?'

The Tabloids
Wed 21 Mar, AT 11:54

Red top tales: Moss and Paltrow's beachside spat, Jacko doctor's jailhouse blues

Tulisa slaps injunction on site offering sex tape download

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Tue 20 Mar, AT 10:47

Red top tales: X-Factor 'sex tape', Waterman punched ex-wife

Cheryl Cole 'snubs Cowell' to appear on BBC's The Voice

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Wed 14 Mar, AT 09:28

Red top tales: the talent show Diva, the lovelorn prince and the sour-faced Sugar

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe turns on 'whipping boy' Nick Clegg

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Mon 6 Feb, AT 15:11

Harry Potter actor says he has rejected Lib Dems and switched to 'genuinely left-wing' Miliband

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt

Brad and Angelina charter entire train from London

Wed 17 Aug, AT 11:23

Hollywood A-listers avoid the commuter crush on private train to Scotland

JK Rowling

JK Rowling’s multi-million Harry Potter thank-you

Wed 20 Jul, AT 13:59

Warner presents author with gold and diamond bracelet as final film smashes box office records

Rebekah Brooks Harry Potter

Rebekah who? Twitter just cares about Harry Potter

Fri 15 Jul, AT 13:37

Boy wizard causes more of a stir than the demise of Rebekah Brooks on the internet