Harry Potter

Rebekah Brooks Harry Potter
One-Minute Read
15 Jul, 2011

Boy wizard causes more of a stir than the demise of Rebekah Brooks on the internet

One-Minute Read
14 Jul, 2011

Film of the week: Starry cast in their element for eighth and final film

Emma Watson cries at Harry Potter premiere
One-Minute Read
08 Jul, 2011

Emotions run high as stars attend premiere of the franchise’s final film, a hit with the critics

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
06 Jul, 2011

First review of Deathly Hallows Part II praises acting of Radcliffe, Grint and Watson (with video)

JK Rowling
One-Minute Read
04 Jul, 2011

Christopher Little’s former business partner casts a spell on Harry Potter author

JK Rowling
One-Minute Read
23 Jun, 2011

Long-awaited website announcement from Harry Potter author leaves some fans disappointed

Afshan Azad Padma Patil in Harry Potter
One-Minute Read
21 Dec, 2010

But Afshan Azad’s father and brother are cleared of threatening to kill her

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows
One-Minute Read
20 Nov, 2010

Movie critics get knives out for the latest HP cash cow, The Deathly Hallows

Emma Watson
One-Minute Read
12 Nov, 2010

Ponderous, excruciating... and oddly scary. Take your pick of the first reviews of the new Harry Potter