Colin Farrell in True Detective
21 Jul, 2015

Episode five of pulp saga gets 'darker, weirder and deeper' – and that's no bad thing, say critics

Game of Thrones leading man Kit Harrington
12 Aug, 2014

George RR Martin says female readers have been requesting man-on-man moments in Game of Thrones

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch
06 Aug, 2014

Fox has withdrawn its $80bn bid for Time Warner, but experts say the story may not end there

24 Apr, 2014

Multi-year deal will bring classic HBO content, including The Sopranos and The Wire, to Amazon Prime subscribers

14 Mar, 2014

The founder of Vice, Shane Smith, wants to build 'the next CNN'. Ambitious - but he might just do it

20 Jun, 2013

The New York-born actor suffered a suspected heart attack while on holiday in Italy

07 Jun, 2013

Michael Douglas gives one of his best performances: shame he won't be able to compete for an Oscar

22 May, 2013

Critics hail veteran star's camp, tacky turn in 'Behind the Candelabra' as landmark role

09 Apr, 2013

A trailer for Behind the Candelabra - the movie that was 'too gay' for Hollywood - has been released

02 Apr, 2013

With its blend of sex, guts and gore this big-budget drama attracts 'historians and housewives'