Heathrow Airport

Aer Lingus is likely to be taken over by IAG, parent company of BA
06 Jul, 2015

Willy Walsh has shown with Iberia that he can rationalise the legacy national airlines

20 Apr, 2015

The 61-year-old man allegedly tried to take blades on board in hand luggage

18 Nov, 2014

New visualisation shows the 6,000 flights that pass through British airspace on an average day

Liquid containers go through airport security
06 May, 2014

Long airport security lines and restrictive hand luggage rules could be consigned to the past

Heathrow Airport Terminal Two
04 Jun, 2014

Huge sculpture Slipstream wows critics as Heathrow Terminal 2 welcomes its first passengers

06 Jan, 2014

Object shaped like a rugby ball flew within a few feet of passenger jet at 34,000ft, claims pilot

17 Dec, 2013

Cameron promised west Londoners it would never happen – now there are TWO Heathrow options

23 Jul, 2015

Government says it has only invited ministers with direct policy interest in airport expansion

30 Aug, 2013

Press intimidation and the rights and wrongs of intervention in Syria are on this week's agenda

20 Aug, 2013

Brazilian takes legal action against Home Office over detention, but former MP backs decision to hold him