2013 in sport: Andy Murray wins Wimbledon
10 Jul, 2015

Scot will be appearing in his 17th Grand Slam semi-final as he takes on Federer, who is after an eighth title

01 May, 2015

Record-breaking temperatures in Britain now 13 times more likely, due to human influences, scientist warn

09 Jul, 2015

After a chilly night, Temperatures will 'soar' again over the weekend as Britain experiences a new heatwave

04 Sep, 2013

One of the best British summers of recent times may be about to bow out with two days of 30C heat

22 Jul, 2013

Forget the sunshine: prepare for unpleasant humidity, heavy rain, flash floods and thunderstorms

18 Jul, 2013

There's no end in sight to the hot temperatures as MPs call for workers to be sent home. Fat chance

17 Jul, 2013

Travel agents report drop in last-minute vacations abroad as Britons opt to sunbathe at home

25 Mar, 2013

Cold weather may last until end of April, but then we could have a heatwave