Heatwaves 'more likely' to hit England due to climate change

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Fri 1 May, AT 13:22

Record-breaking temperatures in Britain now 13 times more likely, due to human influences, scientist warn

A sunbather enjoys the weather in St. James' Park

UK weather: how long will Britain's heatwave last?

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Thu 17 Jul, AT 11:52

Britons warned to keep out of the sun and eat salad as 'Spanish plume' causes UK temperatures to soar

Two days of summer sizzle, then rain and colder conditions

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Wed 4 Sep, AT 12:45

One of the best British summers of recent times may be about to bow out with two days of 30C heat

Britain on flood alert as storms signal end of the heatwave

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Mon 22 Jul, AT 14:29

Forget the sunshine: prepare for unpleasant humidity, heavy rain, flash floods and thunderstorms

Britain bakes, Met Office issues warning - but is it a heatwave?

Thu 18 Jul, AT 15:35

There's no end in sight to the hot temperatures as MPs call for workers to be sent home. Fat chance

Britain's heatwave hits foreign holiday bookings

Wed 17 Jul, AT 11:35

Travel agents report drop in last-minute vacations abroad as Britons opt to sunbathe at home

Britain gears up for first white Easter in five years

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Mon 25 Mar, AT 15:52

Cold weather may last until end of April, but then we could have a heatwave

Australia ablaze: bushfires hit Victoria and New South Wales

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Tue 8 Jan, AT 09:54

PM Gillard blames global warming for extreme heat which is plunging nation into danger