Helen Mirren

06 May, 2015

'Icily regal' Scott Thomas replaces Helen Mirren as the Queen, while Miliband waits in the wings

02 Dec, 2014

Helen Mirren and Ringo Starr are among the celebrities supporting the 'day of giving' campaign

17 Dec, 2013

Critic and awards judge Charles Spencer says his 'jaw dropped' when Mirren was awarded the prize

04 Jul, 2013

Could a moonwalker become a time traveller? One movie studio thought it was as simple as ABC

03 Jun, 2013

Matt Smith's departure sparks rumours that next Time Lord will be played by a woman or a black actor

29 Apr, 2013

Play about boy with Asperger's dominates, but Mirren tribute to Queen gets night's biggest cheers

26 Mar, 2013

Mirren's turn as the Queen makes her favourite for best actress, as Curious Dog scores eight noms

15 Mar, 2013

Can the Oscar-winner act his way past a procession of hair-raising wigs? It depends on who you listen to

07 Mar, 2013

Mirren brilliantly reprises her Oscar-winning cinema role in new stage play by Peter Morgan