Helena Bonham Carter

Tatler's 'best breasts' list: sexist boob or feminist joke?

First Reaction
Wed 17 Apr, AT 12:23

Magazine provokes 'sexism storm' with 'Titler' list, but décolletage ranking may be 'Sloaney feminism'

Great Expectations film more Harry Potter than Dickens

Hot Ticket
Fri 30 Nov, AT 07:42

A cast of Great British thespians from Hogwarts make this latest adaptation jolly family viewing

Crime queen Ruth Rendell back on ITV after 12 years

One-Minute Read
Mon 6 Aug, AT 14:30

Rendell returns with thriller Thirteen Steps Down as ITV plots to dramatise more of her new books

Dark Shadows

Tim Burton's Dark Shadows is oddball as ever and tons of fun

Hot Ticket
Fri 11 May, AT 08:13

Johnny Depp's 200-year-old vampire Barnabas adds another worthy misfit to his gallery

helena bonham carter outfits

Helena: ‘I don’t just throw on these outfits, you know’

Wed 23 Feb, AT 10:07

Helena Bonham Carter on getting dressed for Sunday’s Oscars, where she’s nominated for best actress

Colin Firth, George VI, The King's Speech

Will Colin Firth stammer his way to an Oscar?

Fri 22 Oct, AT 09:09

Firth wins rave reviews for his portrayal of stuttering George VI

Alice in Wonderland premiere

Vivienne Westwood rules Alice’s new Wonderland

Fri 26 Feb, AT 11:03

Westwood gowns galore at royal premiere of Tim Burton’s new film