13 May, 2015

Lead designer of HP, Chad Paris, explains how new computers are brought to life

14 Feb, 2013

'Chubby checker' Palm app was downloaded only 84 times but 'threatens singer's legacy'

Mike Lynch
21 Nov, 2012

Hewlett Packard claims it was tricked by ‘accounting misrepresentations’ to pay $11bn for Autonomy

04 Oct, 2012

Shares in HP drop to a nine-year low after CEO admits company lacks "sharp, competitive focus"

Meg Whitman
23 Sep, 2011

Business Digest: Leo Apotheker to be replaced by former eBay CEO

HP TouchPad tablet computer
19 Aug, 2011

Business digest: Technology giant to ‘sharpen its focus’ as it looks to place greater emphasis on business services

Former HP ceo Mark Hurd; actress Jodie Fisher
11 Aug, 2010

Hewlett Packard CEO's approval rating was lower than for any other major tech boss

Former HP ceo Mark Hurd; actress Jodie Fisher
09 Aug, 2010

Why was he fired over expenses fiddle? And what was his relationship with actress Jodie Fisher?