US condemns Assad for using Hezbollah to retake Qusair

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Thu 6 Jun, AT 09:15

White House calls on Iran-backed Hezbollah to get out of Syria as battle for Aleppo approaches

Crispin Black

Crazy to arm Syrian rebels: we should try to influence Assad

Tue 28 May, AT 12:05
Crispin Black

Better still, Cameron and Hague should stay out of it all together – it's none of Britain's business and we can't afford it

Syria refers Israeli attack to UN and threatens 'consequences'

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Thu 31 Jan, AT 15:35

Reports that Israeli jets have struck targets inside Syria set to further inflame tensions in region

Israel shoots down mystery drone, but who does it belong to?

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Sun 7 Oct, AT 08:01

Drone destroyed near nuclear reactor in southern Israel was probably sent by an increasingly sophisticated Hezbollah

Homeland, series two: What's in store for Carrie and Brody?

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Mon 1 Oct, AT 16:12

Spoiler alert: US critics share details about first episodes and relief that new season lives up to the last

US 'flying blind' in Iran and Lebanon after CIA ops busted

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Tue 22 Nov, AT 11:24

Death sentences feared for agents caught spying on enemy regimes; Iran blackout a 'catastrophe'

Hezbollah fighters

Hezbollah stronger than ever as Ahmadinejad visits

Mon 11 Oct, AT 08:27

Iranian-backed militia is a threat to Israel and Lebanon, if sources are to be believed

Lebanese soldiers at the Israeli border after skirmishes

Israeli-Lebanon border clash threatens region

Wed 4 Aug, AT 08:33

Four years after last war, Israel is accused of trying to ‘destabilise security in the region’