Michael O'Leary

Ryanair boss O'Leary: I'm underpaid and unappreciated

One-Minute Read Wed 3 Oct, AT 12:58

No-frills airline CEO bemoans his £1m salary and rails against 'the Twitter' and his customers


After Lloyds, will RBS bankers face bonus clawbacks?

First Post Mon 20 Feb, AT 12:53

Lloyds is set to take back more than £1m from its senior executives after losing £3.2bn in PPI scandal

Bonfire of the bonuses: is the party over for bankers?

First Post Wed 8 Feb, AT 16:38

After a tough year, investment banks are calling employees’ bluff and slashing bonuses and pay

You try defending your salary, Stephen Hester tells Naughtie

Media Watch Wed 8 Feb, AT 10:50

RBS boss admits he considered resigning over bonus uproar – but he refuses to apologise for his high pay


Blairites get twitchy as Chuka claims another fat cat scalp

Tue 7 Feb, AT 07:50 The Mole

Labour pulls closer in the polls – but David Miliband and co fear Labour appearing anti-business

Phew! Surely Stephen Hester will get his knighthood now

Mon 30 Jan, AT 09:42 The Mole

By declining his £1m shares bonus, Hester may have helped Cameron avert a national strike

Hester's bonus: much bigger than taxpayers were first told

One-Minute Read Sun 29 Jan, AT 09:55

PM under mounting pressure to intervene as scale of bonuses at nationalised bank emerges

Stephen Hester - RBS

£963,000 question: do bonuses really make for better bankers?

Talking Point Fri 27 Jan, AT 12:17

Take away Hester's extravagant bonus and give the man a medal if he does a good job

Vince Cable

Will Cable's plan stop fat cats being rewarded for failure? No

Talking Point Tue 24 Jan, AT 11:57

If the government was serious, it would set a maximum wage. Which is not going to happen