Hilary Clinton

14 May, 2015

The 73-year-old is among a handful of potential Democratic nominees listed in presidential polls

Charles Laurence
04 Nov, 2013

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11 Sep, 2013

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05 Sep, 2013

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24 Jan, 2013

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19 Nov, 2012

President Obama praises Burmese counterpart for reforms, but Aung San Suu Kyi urges caution

Hillary Clinton accuses Russia of supplying attack helicopters to Syria
25 Sep, 2012

Clinton says world's global elites need to contribute to the growth of their countries

21 Sep, 2012

Opinion Digest: time for a female US president, the right to offend online and why history needs facts

30 Aug, 2012

A geopolitical power struggle between the US and China is about to begin in the Cook Islands