Steven Gerrard Liverpool kit, Warrior Sports

Liverpool get one over on Man United with retro kit launch

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Fri 11 May, AT 09:55

Liverpool's old-school strip gets a much warmer reception than United's gingham number

Alan Davies gets death threats from Liverpool fans for Hillsborough jibes

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Tue 10 Apr, AT 14:35

Comedian Alan Davies says Liverpool's tradition of not playing on 15 April 'gets on my tits'

Hillsborough disaster

Hillsborough: top Liverpool cop blamed tragedy on drunken fans

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Thu 15 Mar, AT 15:41

BBC Radio reveals 1989 letter to Margaret Thatcher claiming drunk supporters caused the disaster

MacKenzie admits regrets over Sun’s Hillsborough coverage

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Thu 8 Dec, AT 15:55

But former editor still refuses to apologise after another row with Labour MP Chris Bryant

Judge tells Hillsborough families: ‘get over it’

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Wed 19 Oct, AT 16:53

Judge who chaired the Bradford fire inquiry has criticised the Hillsborough campaign for ‘conspiracy theories’

The Hillsborough disaster

Sun editor ‘a pariah’ over Hillsborough, says MPs

Tue 18 Oct, AT 12:51

Government set to release documents as MPs demand apology from ‘despicable’ Kelvin Mackenzie

Hillsborough, 20 years on: families still want justice

Wed 15 Apr, AT 02:00

As Liverpool comes to a standstill in tribute to the 96 who died, two ministers demand full disclosure from the emergency services