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Syria gas attack confirmed: latest in history of atrocities

Tue 17 Sep, AT 10:05

UN confirms 21 August attack on Damascus was gas – and the 'most significant' use of chemical weapons since Saddam's day

Is wannabe London mayor Eddie Izzard getting too 'preachy'?

Talking Point
Thu 9 May, AT 13:43

Force Majeure show betrays comic's aim to become London mayor with 'gratuitous swipes' at the right

Patrick Moore's lifetime grudge against the Germans

One-Minute Read
Mon 10 Dec, AT 10:21

After the nurse he met in World War II was killed in a bomb raid, astronomer remained a bachelor for life

Eric Hobsbawm dies: six things about the famous historian

Mon 1 Oct, AT 16:36

Famous Marxist historian and one of the 20th century's greatest thinkers has died at 95

Jessica Ennis puts training on hold to read Fifty Shades of Grey

The Tabloids
Fri 10 Aug, AT 10:53

Tabloid tales: Olympic star plans to read the S&M trilogy, plus Louis Tomlinson buys a football team

Marine Le Pen to sue Madonna for swastika picture

One-Minute Read
Mon 16 Jul, AT 09:32

Popstar's tour video equating French National Front leader with Hitler is even criticised by Socialist party

Crispin Black

Bomber Command deserves its WWII memorial – and here's why

Fri 22 Jun, AT 07:22
Crispin Black

Distaste over memorial to the airmen who obliterated Dresden ignores the extreme danger they faced

David Starkey historian

David Starkey: Rochdale sex ring is Pakistani 'cultural norm'

One-Minute Read
Fri 11 May, AT 09:03

Historian courts yet more controversy calling for ethnic minorities to be made 'English citizens'

Rupert Murdoch Leveson

Rupert Murdoch at Leveson: what we have learned

Wed 25 Apr, AT 15:48

No political fireworks from media mogul, but Murdoch gives an insight into his career