Tax return 2014

Tax return 2015: five tips for filling in your self-assessment form

Personal Finance Mon 26 Jan, AT 11:11

Getting your 2015 tax return in on time could save you thousands of pounds in fines and penalties

Gary Barlow

Common tax mistakes – and how to avoid them

Personal Finance Tue 9 Sep, AT 16:27

Our tax snafus may pale in comparison with Gary Barlow's, but it pays to stay on the right side of the revenue


HMRC bungle lets tax avoiders off the hook

One-Minute Read Thu 10 Jul, AT 10:43

Some celebs will be let off, but law change leaves David Beckham braced for HMRC demand

Plans to sell taxpayer data labelled ‘borderline insane’

One-Minute Read Sat 19 Apr, AT 10:08

Government wants to share personal details of taxpayers where there is ‘public benefit’

Raising top tax rate to 50p will bring in little or no revenue

Tue 28 Jan, AT 13:19 The Conversation

Paul Johnson and David Phillips of the Institute of Fiscal Studies question Ed Balls's tax pledge

Formula One

Formula One avoids paying millions in tax to UK

One-Minute Read Wed 24 Jul, AT 10:38

British-based company used complex techniques to pay only £1m corporation tax on £305m profit

Starbucks 'chooses' to pay tax for first time in five years

First Reaction Mon 24 Jun, AT 14:00

Coffee chain makes £5m payment to Revenue in an effort to placate unimpressed customers

MPs says HMRC should 'fully' probe Google

One-Minute Read Thu 13 Jun, AT 11:25

Public Accounts Committee says Google should pay 'fair share of tax' to rebuild its 'shattered reputation'

Revolving door row as former HMRC boss joins Deloitte

One-Minute Read Tue 28 May, AT 12:20

Critics say Dave Hartnett's 'dodgy' move from HMRC to accountancy giants 'takes the biscuit'

Tax secrets of ultra-wealthy exposed by global probe

One-Minute Read Fri 10 May, AT 10:10

Super-rich warned 'if you evade tax, we're coming after you' after data exposed by spy agencies