UK passport

Passport crisis: how the strike could jeopardise your holiday

One-Minute Read Mon 28 Jul, AT 10:41

Workers strike over pay, as Home Office says 'irresponsible' action will cause further delays for summer holidaymakers

NSPCC: make sex abuse cover-ups a criminal offence

One-Minute Read Wed 9 Jul, AT 10:20

Call follows claims that politicians, BBC and church have hushed-up decades of abuse

Houses of Parliament

Westminster paedophile ring claims: '20 top figures involved'

Briefing Tue 8 Jul, AT 09:00

Former child protection manager says even greater number knew about abuse and did nothing about it

Migrant workers protest in Trafalgar Square

UK immigration statistics: the data behind the headlines

Briefing Tue 6 May, AT 10:31

How has the UK’s ethnic make-up changed and has immigration always been on the increase?

Yashika Bageerathi: Home Office accused of 'cruel game'

One-Minute Read Wed 26 Mar, AT 15:46

Cara Delevingne among supporters of campaign against deportation of schoolgirl and her family

Dustergate: five unanswered questions for Mark Harper

News Mon 10 Feb, AT 15:13

Immigration minister quit over illegal cleaning lady but didn't mention he had been claiming expenses

Afghan atheist granted asylum in Britain on religious grounds

One-Minute Read Tue 14 Jan, AT 09:41

Lawyers argued man would face persecution for renouncing his faith if he returned to his homeland

UK Border police

Big cats, walrus horn and hippo teeth stopped at UK border

One-Minute Read Fri 15 Nov, AT 11:13

Eight live big cats, 466 tortoises and a tayra among animals confiscated by border guards

Chris Huhne: did Home Office try to mislead MPs over Prism?

One-Minute Read Mon 7 Oct, AT 11:51

Former minister claims cabinet was in 'utter ignorance' over GCHQ spying programmes

What is Theresa May hiding in censored borders report?

First Reaction Thu 8 Aug, AT 10:52

Home Secretary accused of cover-up after removing 15 passages from a critical inspection