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Activist tackles Abercrombie & Fitch's elitism - video

Thu 16 May, AT 11:13

Greg Karber 'readjusts' the A&F brand by buying its clothes at charity shops and giving them to homeless

Beyond Food Foundation

Charity of the week
Thu 22 Nov, AT 13:40

Teaching those who have experienced homelessness about health, wellbeing and cooking, to ultimately gain employment as chefs

NYPD shoot homeless man's dog

New York cop shoots dog as it guards stricken owner - video

Thu 16 Aug, AT 15:12

Graphic video shows police officer firing on pit bull as it rushed him

Ted Williams Homeless voiceover man

‘Golden voice’ Ted gets Nicholson film offer

Fri 7 Jan, AT 16:14

Offers flood in for homeless man who became an overnight sensation thanks to YouTube

Carla Bruni

Sainte Carla and the tramp - a helpful Parisian story

Tue 22 Dec, AT 07:53

‘She often gives me 50 or 100 euros’ says itinerant Denis of Carla Bruni - ‘a great lady’