Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s polite protest

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Mon 10 Nov, AT 07:01

China is facing perhaps its biggest political test since pro-democracy protests in Tiananmen Square

Anonymous - Megaupload revenge attack

Anonymous threatens China over Hong Kong protests

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Fri 10 Oct, AT 13:15

Hacktivists say they will wage war on China for its 'inhumane actions' by leaking thousands of sensitive documents

police clashing with protesters in Hong Kong

Hong Kong: police adopt tough tactics as protests escalate

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Mon 1 Dec, AT 09:34

Injuries and arrests on the streets of Hong Kong with both sides taking a tougher line

Police monitor protests in Hong Kong

Chinese official faces rare heckling in Hong Kong

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Mon 1 Sep, AT 12:47

Protesters disrupt speech after China backtracks on promise of true democracy in Hong Kong by 2017

China's big-spending tourists leave trail of havoc

Mon 24 Feb, AT 13:01
Gary Jones

The billions they spend are welcome – but the brawls and brazen shoplifting are not winning them friends

Father offers £78m to man who can wed his lesbian daughter

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Fri 24 Jan, AT 11:15

Hong Kong property magnate Cecil Chao insists his daughter, Gigi, just hasn't met the right man yet

Crispin Black

Sorry Snowden, NSA spying is 'overhyped and overrated'

Thu 4 Jul, AT 08:36
Crispin Black

Fugitive whistleblower risked everything to expose surveillance even Obama doesn't take too seriously