Hong Kong

10 Nov, 2014

China is facing perhaps its biggest political test since pro-democracy protests in Tiananmen Square

Anonymous - Megaupload revenge attack
10 Oct, 2014

Hacktivists say they will wage war on China for its 'inhumane actions' by leaking thousands of sensitive documents

police clashing with protesters in Hong Kong
01 Dec, 2014

Injuries and arrests on the streets of Hong Kong with both sides taking a tougher line

Police monitor protests in Hong Kong
01 Sep, 2014

Protesters disrupt speech after China backtracks on promise of true democracy in Hong Kong by 2017

24 Feb, 2014

The billions they spend are welcome – but the brawls and brazen shoplifting are not winning them friends

24 Jan, 2014

Hong Kong property magnate Cecil Chao insists his daughter, Gigi, just hasn't met the right man yet

Crispin Black
04 Jul, 2013

Fugitive whistleblower risked everything to expose surveillance even Obama doesn't take too seriously