House of Cards

House of Cards season 3: what can we expect?

Thu 26 Feb, AT 13:43

A hostile First Lady, Russian punks and ghosts from the past keep Frank busy as House of Cards returns to Netflix

Netflix: top ten films and TV shows to watch in 2015

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From Seth Rogen's The Interview to new seasons of House of Cards and Orange is the New Black

TV revolution: BBC-Amazon deal signals the way ahead

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Holden Frith

Prudent auntie: why the BBC is climbing into bed with Amazon to keep 'Ripper Street' alive

Kevin Spacey in House of Card

House of Cards season two 'a gruelling form of masochism'

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Frank Underwood is back on Netflix in new season that's 'every bit as brutal and sanguinary' as the last

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They're back: six great TV shows returning in 2014

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Bauer, Miller, Lannister, Draper and Underwood are all set for sensational returns to the small screen this year

House of Cards helps Netflix make Emmy history

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Fri 19 Jul, AT 12:07

Netflix picks up 14 nominations with first online-only shows to compete for the top awards

'Borgen' and 'House of Cards' creators join forces for TV political drama

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Fans rejoice as men behind acclaimed series collaborate on major BBC project

Netflix aims for TV 'revolution' with remake of House of Cards

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Mon 4 Feb, AT 11:22

Movie streaming company says it will transform TV by putting high-quality original drama online