House of Representatives

House Speaker John Boehner walks to the House chamber for an expected vote
12 Dec, 2014

Republican measure squeezed through just hours before looming government shutdown

US Congress
15 Oct, 2013

Senate leaders say 'tremendous progress' has been made on deal to end shutdown and raise debt ceiling

US congress
11 Oct, 2013

Marked change in tone from White House and Republicans but still no resolution reached

02 Jan, 2013

The White House wants credit for the deal, but Obama and the US aren't out of the woods

10 Oct, 2012

International media laud Australian PM, but at home they're questioning her motivation

08 Aug, 2012

Tucson killer strikes plea bargain after shooting six people dead in rampage, but will never get parole

Barack Obama
02 Aug, 2011

First reaction: America set to avoid debt default with new deal, but who are the winners and losers?

01 Jun, 2011

Business digest: Republicans reject proposal to increase debt limit, calling for budget cuts instead