Housing crisis

Richard Ehrman
20 Dec, 2011

The whole way we organise our housing so obviously favours one generation at the expense of another

25 Nov, 2011

Awful house building figures sidelined in row over whether minister was booked for an interview

22 Nov, 2011

It's not just the euro. Cameron and Osborne are well behind where they need to be on economic reform

UK housing market
21 Nov, 2011

'Generation rent' would do better to rely on patience rather than politicians' promises

02 Nov, 2011

Bill to criminalise residential squatting reignites the heated debate over squatters' rights

new houses
06 Sep, 2011

The MoD is sitting on redundant military bases ripe for house building

31 Aug, 2011

How to beat the looming housing crisis that could ‘lock out’ millions from home ownership

30 Aug, 2011

Business digest: Housing associations call on government to take urgent action to provide jobs and shelter