07 Jul, 2015

Six staff members on a team-building exercise fired after filming 'abhorrent' video depicting a fake beheading

A sign for HSBC private bank
09 Jun, 2015

Europe's largest bank will cut another 17,000 jobs outside Britain to save money and bolster shareholder returns

10 Mar, 2015

With Isa rates low but banks desperate for current accounts, there are deals for those in the know

The Mole
12 Feb, 2015

‘Everyone does it’ says Tory party treasurer as Ed Miliband wins tax avoidance clash on points

Former French employee of HSBC Private Bank Herve Falciani
12 Feb, 2015

The self-described 'French Snowden' is nothing more than a common criminal, says the Swiss government

The Mole
12 Feb, 2015

After calling Cameron ‘a dodgy prime minister’, Labour leader ‘ready’ to risk libel action by Tory treasurer

A woman talks on the phone near a branch of HSBC bank
17 Mar, 2015

Move comes as HSBC battles tax allegations in Switzerland and a perception that offshore accounts are being abused

Paym – a new system allowing people to send and receive payments using just a mobile phone
29 Apr, 2014

New system allows bank customers to send and receive payments using just a mobile phone number

Shopping; high street; economy; recession
27 Sep, 2013

UK economy grew 0.7% in the second quarter but lack of trade and investment growth cast shadow over data

20 Aug, 2013

Big five return to profitability but KPMG warns growth won't match pre-2008 levels