26 Feb, 2015

Expect a 20mp camera and powerful new processor on the HTC One M9, due for launch on 1 March

25 Mar, 2014

New HTC One M8 features two rear cameras so you can focus a photograph after you’ve taken it

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24 Feb, 2014

Ultra-cheap Mozilla handset could 'dramatically extend global reach' of smartphones

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24 Jul, 2013

Good iPhone sales offer comfort to investors as Apple shares rise in after-hours trading

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18 Jul, 2013

A new report says rival smartphones are damaging Apple's iPhone sales

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05 Apr, 2013

Zuckerberg describes it as "the soul of your phone" - but critics warn it's a threat to privacy

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04 Apr, 2013

Special handset could be launched but new version of Android will be main attraction

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08 Jan, 2013

As sales of the Galaxy S III slip in fourth quarter, the Note II ‘phablet’ creates new demand

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02 Jan, 2013

Three-quarters of smartphones sold over festive period featured Android operating system

HTC mobile phone
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12 Nov, 2012

Technology giants declare truce in their long-running patent dispute, dismissing all current lawsuits