Apple Inc
05 Jul, 2012

Ruling allows Taiwanese firm's 'slide to unlock' products to be sold in UK

21 Jun, 2012

Nokia, Samsung, and HTC will support the new Microsoft operating system which will be released in October

Facebook phone
28 May, 2012

New York Times claims that social network has recruited former software and hardware engineers from Apple

HTC Flyer tablet
12 Jul, 2011

Technology giant seeks to protect market share by challenging HTC over mobile and tablet devices

26 Jan, 2011

Handsets featuring friends’ status updates and messages could be unveiled soon

HTC Desire HD
15 Sep, 2010

On paper, the HTC Desire HD looks superior to the iPhone 4 – but it’s far from a knock-out blow

Windows Phone 7
09 Jul, 2010

Taiwan smart phone firm is set to bring a Windows 7 handset to the UK this year of him since Monday

HTC Desire
13 Apr, 2010

Apple is suing the Taiwanese phone manufacturer but reviewers love its latest handset