Hugh Grant

04 Dec, 2012

Charlotte Church and Gerry McCann mooted as candidates to stand against Cameron, Gove & Co

30 Nov, 2012

Steve Coogan, Hugh Grant and Gerry McCann on the attack over crucial need for statutory underpinning

28 Nov, 2012

PM and his deputy could make separate statements to Commons, so divided are they on the issue

26 Nov, 2012

Media barons enjoy freedom to manipulate opinions of millions, and must be accountable, says Will Hutton

16 Nov, 2012

Paper accuses 'liberal Establishment' of putting freedom of speech under threat

25 Oct, 2012

Critics say new film is a 'bloated, self-indulgent slog' - but maybe they just don't 'get it'

15 Oct, 2012

Media mogul also rounds on 'scumbag' celebrities and castigates the BBC ahead of crucial AGM

10 Oct, 2012

Singer holds talks with PM over media regulation and is 'comforted' by outcome

07 Oct, 2012

From the Sunday papers: from Cole’s reaction to US X Factor sack to Hugh Grant’s discourteous performance at ethics debate