Hugh Grant

Cloud Atlas
10 Sep, 2012

Standing ovation for adaptation at Toronto Film Festival but some critics are left with a headache

01 Aug, 2012

Former Wachowski 'brother' Larry makes her first public appearance as Lana

The Pirates!
30 Mar, 2012

Mind-boggling visuals and Hugh Grant's comic timing make it a winner for adults and children

07 Feb, 2012

Row over actor's allegations against the Mail on Sunday makes Leveson 'extremely unhappy'

25 Nov, 2011

'I'm not sure what Hugh Grant is moaning about' says Graham Foulkes, father of a 7/7 victim

22 Nov, 2011

Comedian tells Leveson Inquiry that he is speaking out against media because others are scared

22 Nov, 2011

What was the motive behind Amanda Platell's column about the 'oleaginous lounge-lizard'?

Hugh Grant Question Time
21 Nov, 2011

First claim that a non-Murdoch newspaper might have been guilty of intercepting messages

17 Nov, 2011

Anonymous caller said 'Tell him to shut the f*** up' after actor appeared on TV to discuss press intrusion