Hugh Hefner

02 Jan, 2013

Octogenarian magazine founder ties knot with Crystal Harris, who left him at the altar in 2011

Hugh Hefner; Playboy
12 Dec, 2012

Hugh Hefner's son-in-law forced to pay huge fine to US regulators

08 Dec, 2011

Nigella Lawson poses as ‘a human toffee apple’ while Lohan strips off - all in the best possible taste

Playboy magazine cover Crystal Harris runaway bride
16 Jun, 2011

Glamour model was seeking $500,000 deal to leave him in the middle of the wedding ceremony, it is claimed

Hugh Hefner; Playboy
13 Jul, 2010

The famous bunny logo may be a higher prize than aging porn mag

Arnold Schwarzenegger
27 Apr, 2010

Playboy mogul’s $900k gift will save ‘symbol of dreams’, says Gov Schwarzenegger

Hugh Hefner; Playboy
13 Nov, 2009

Playboy magazine may have lost its way – but the bunny brand is still worth a fortune