Human Rights

Child soldiers in South Sudan

South Sudan: government and rebels 'recruiting child soldiers'

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Mon 16 Feb, AT 14:29

Human Rights Watch accuses both sides in South Sudan's conflict of arming young children – often by force

Iran to execute blogger over 'blasphemous' Facebook post

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Wed 3 Dec, AT 16:12

Human rights groups say Soheil Arabi's execution is 'imminent' and appeals to a Tehran court for amnesty

Iran frees British woman, jailed for watching volleyball

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Mon 24 Nov, AT 12:06

'Courageous' Ghoncheh Ghavami is recovering in Tehran after being released on bail because of 'health problems'

David Cameron

Tories reveal plans to break ties with human rights court

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Fri 3 Oct, AT 09:05

Conservatives to scrap Human Rights Act and seize power from Europe if they win the next election

Israeli immigration officers checking African migrants

Israel accused of 'coercing' African migrants to leave

Wed 10 Sep, AT 14:46

Refugees from Sudan and Eritrea were pressured to move on, Human Rights Watch says

Twelve things women in Saudi Arabia can't do

Tue 26 May, AT 13:35

Woman thrown out of shop by religious police for not wearing gloves in the latest blow to women's rights

A guard stands behind a locked gate at Pentonville prison

No compensation for prisoners denied the vote, rules ECHR

Tue 12 Aug, AT 13:53

But Strasbourg upholds previous ruling that blanket ban on prisoners voting is unlawful

British Prime Minister David Cameron

ECHR: is Tory plan to snub EU court a 'legal car crash'?

Thu 17 Jul, AT 10:10

David Cameron wants to curb the European Court of Human Rights but not everyone in his party backs the plan

Four truths about the Syrian regime – as exposed by nuns

Fri 14 Mar, AT 08:41
Venetia Rainey

For a start, we now know Bashar Assad’s regime does detain children. But there’s more…

Robert Mugabe

Mugabe plans 90th birthday party as millions starve

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Thu 20 Feb, AT 15:00

Celebrations expected to cost £600,000 as millions of Zimbabweans go hungry