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Human rights

Iran to execute blogger over 'blasphemous' Facebook post

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Wed 3 Dec, AT 16:12

Human rights groups say Soheil Arabi's execution is 'imminent' and appeals to a Tehran court for amnesty

Iran frees British woman, jailed for watching volleyball

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Mon 24 Nov, AT 12:06

'Courageous' Ghoncheh Ghavami is recovering in Tehran after being released on bail because of 'health problems'

A guard stands behind a locked gate at Pentonville prison

No compensation for prisoners denied the vote, rules ECHR

Tue 12 Aug, AT 13:53

But Strasbourg upholds previous ruling that blanket ban on prisoners voting is unlawful

Four truths about the Syrian regime – as exposed by nuns

Fri 14 Mar, AT 08:41
Venetia Rainey

For a start, we now know Bashar Assad’s regime does detain children. But there’s more…

Sri Lanka: Cameron confronted by protesters on visit to north

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Fri 15 Nov, AT 15:07

British Prime Minister becomes first world leader to visit the north of the country since 1948

Saudi Arabia outlaws domestic abuse - too little, too late?

First Reaction
Fri 30 Aug, AT 12:18

Human rights activists welcome new law to protect women and children, but does it go far enough?

Topless group Femen call Putin stupid for 'liking' their protest

Talking Point
Tue 9 Apr, AT 14:28

Russian leader's flippant response angers feminists who insist topless protests are catching on worldwide

Lord Neuberger slams 'slanted' portrayal of human rights

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Tue 5 Mar, AT 09:51

Britain's top judge warns UK will have to quit UN if it wants to send terrorism suspects to face torture

Angry MP: 'deport Abu Qatada and damn the consequences'

Talking Point
Tue 13 Nov, AT 11:38

Forget legal niceties: backbencher wants freed radical cleric put on first plane to Jordan

Gary McKinnon

McKinnon extradition blocked as May invokes human rights

First Reaction
Tue 16 Oct, AT 13:30

Hacker Gary McKinnon saved by Theresa May, but why was fellow Asperger's sufferer Talha Ahsan sent to US for trial?