Iain Duncan Smith

David Cameron and new Cabinet

New Tory Cabinet meets: what to expect in first 100 days

Tue 12 May, AT 10:13

Under new Conservative Cabinet, Queen's Speech is likely to focus on employment and childcare

Former British Prime Minister John Major

John Major praises 'guts and drive' of immigrants in the UK

One-Minute Read
Tue 12 Aug, AT 14:16

Former PM's tone on immigration contrasts with that of Cameron, who has launched crackdown on 'benefit tourism'

Iain Duncan Smith

Universal Credit ‘mess’:IDS faces grilling over new delays

One-Minute Read
Mon 9 Dec, AT 09:56

Only a tenth of people due to use new system by 2015 will be transferred on time, new figures show


Universal Credit fiasco: can Duncan Smith save his skin?

Thu 7 Nov, AT 08:48
The Mole

George Osborne said IDS wasn't clever enough: waste of millions of pounds suggests he was right

Cameron sounds nice - until his eyes narrow and his cheeks go red

Wed 2 Oct, AT 15:04
Annalisa Barbieri

'Don't you dare lecture anyone on the NHS again,' he threatens Labour – before heaping praise on his team


Poll misery: can anything lift Ed Miliband off his political sickbed?

Thu 12 Sep, AT 10:39
The Mole

Two new polls show that Ed Miliband is a drag on Labour's chances of winning the 2015 election

Iain Duncan Smith denies £2.4bn welfare 'disaster'

Talking Point
Thu 5 Sep, AT 16:07

Report offers damning assessment of IT system behind Universal Credit project, but minister says it's fixed

Muirfield row: David Cameron joins critics of men-only clubs

Talking Point
Thu 18 Jul, AT 14:19

Prime Minister says all-male clubs belong in the past but some senior Tories might disagree

Boosting welfare cap, Cameron gets caught out by IDS spoof

Mon 15 Jul, AT 10:50
The Mole

Chin chin, old bean: Number Ten sends Twitter followers to spoof Duncan Smith account

Osborne sets agenda for 'scroungers and waste' election

Wed 26 Jun, AT 15:26
The Mole

Chancellor's Spending Review sends clear signal the Tories will go into election as cost-cutting party