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Iain Duncan Smith

David Cameron

David Cameron given a bloody nose by new Tory 'bastards'

Thu 1 Nov, AT 08:55
The Mole

Here we go again: Eurosceptics made John Major's life a nightmare – now it's Cameron's turn

Iain Duncan Smith

Child benefit cuts: fair reform or heartless insult to the poor?

Talking Point
Mon 29 Oct, AT 12:49

Opponents compare Iain Duncan Smith's welfare reforms to China's draconian one-child policy


Cameron under cosh as eight ministers 'ready to quit EU'

Mon 15 Oct, AT 10:55
The Mole

Scots deal ramps up the pressure for an in/out vote on EU – and further exposes rift between Tories and Lib Dems

David Cameron

How many more Lib Dem 'deals' before Tories give up on coalition?

Mon 8 Oct, AT 07:58
The Mole

Behind the scenes in Birmingham, more and more Tories say they'd rather run a minority government

Gategate: Andrew Mitchell fails to deny calling police ‘plebs’

Mon 24 Sep, AT 12:10
The Mole

Chief Whip’s statement to the press falls well short of the denial expected. This could run and run

Reshuffle: Lansley out, Hunt in, IDS stays put, Boris furious

First Reaction
Tue 4 Sep, AT 15:31

Reaction to the big moves after David Cameron's first major Cabinet reshuffle


Reshuffle: Osborne, Cable stay in place - so what's the difference?

Tue 4 Sep, AT 14:46
The Mole

Jeremy Hunt gets Health, Ken Clarke stays in Cabinet, Greening flies from Transport, Shapps is party chairman


Cabinet Reshuffle: Ken Clarke to have input on the economy

Tue 4 Sep, AT 10:59
The Mole

Tory MPs delighted by new role for a winning Tory Chancellor from the 1990s. But what will George say?


Rattled: IDS charges Flanders with 'peeing all over industry'

Mon 20 Aug, AT 07:48
The Mole

Iain Duncan Smith's attack on BBC economics editor is further evidence of panic at lack of real growth

Team GB may not be eligible for honours

Sunday Papers
Sun 19 Aug, AT 15:23

From the Sunday papers: from Team GB medallists' gong ban to the V&A's new David Bowie exhibition