Dominic Copper in Flemming

Ian Fleming romance points up ambiguous attitude to spying

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Why did Edward Snowden's revelations about state surveillance not rattle us? Fleming has the answer

James Bond will fly Solo in new novel says William Boyd

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Agent 007 'goes rogue' on three continents in latest book about Ian Fleming's dashing spy

New James Bond novel marks return to 'classic era'

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Latest 007 adventure will be out in September and feature middle-aged agent

Crispin Black

In Skyfall, James Bond is no longer a spook – he's a vigilante

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What would The Week's resident intelligence analyst make of Skyfall? Read before his article self-destructs

James Bond - Skyfall

Spy thriller meets comic-book caper in new Bond film Skyfall

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Slinky women, loathsome villains and beautiful action sequences make it one of the best ever 007 films