Ian Fleming

Pussy Galore returns in new Bond novel Trigger Mortis

One-Minute Read
Thu 28 May, AT 15:20

James Bond reunites with violet-eyed lesbian gangster in Horowitz's new spy thriller

Lee Rigby’s life ‘could have been saved’: MI5 needs to up its game

Mon 12 May, AT 08:14
Crispin Black

Public have a right to expect MI5 to properly audit procedures and learn from their mistakes quickly

Dominic Copper in Flemming

Ian Fleming romance points up ambiguous attitude to spying

Thu 20 Feb, AT 10:02
Holden Frith

Why did Edward Snowden's revelations about state surveillance not rattle us? Fleming has the answer

James Bond will fly Solo in new novel says William Boyd

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Mon 15 Apr, AT 16:16

Agent 007 'goes rogue' on three continents in latest book about Ian Fleming's dashing spy

New James Bond novel marks return to 'classic era'

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Tue 19 Feb, AT 10:34

Latest 007 adventure will be out in September and feature middle-aged agent

Crispin Black

In Skyfall, James Bond is no longer a spook – he's a vigilante

Fri 2 Nov, AT 08:38
Crispin Black

What would The Week's resident intelligence analyst make of Skyfall? Read before his article self-destructs

James Bond - Skyfall

Spy thriller meets comic-book caper in new Bond film Skyfall

Hot Ticket
Fri 26 Oct, AT 07:20

Slinky women, loathsome villains and beautiful action sequences make it one of the best ever 007 films