13 Jan, 2015

Beer made from an endangered animal and smoked with 'dried sheep s***' has outraged environmentalists

London passport control
27 Jun, 2014

Passport refused to ten-year-old because Icelandic girls cannot be called Harriet

29 Jan, 2014

Three men face prosecution for taking vegetables, cheese and Mr Kipling cakes out of an Iceland skip

13 Feb, 2013

First British companies implicated in food fraud scandal as EU farm ministers meet for talks

Wild horses at Rapa das Bestas - picture
16 Jan, 2013

Horse meat poses no risk – but discovery in burgers raises concerns for meat producers and retailers

09 Jan, 2013

Among grocers, Sainsbury's is only one of Big Four to increase market share over Christmas

23 May, 2011

But disruption from Grimsvotn eruption is unlikely to be on the scale of last year’s Eyjafjallajokull chaos (with video)

11 Apr, 2011

Business digest: Treasury to take legal action after Icelanders reject second plan in a referendum

Birgitta Jonsdottir
10 Jan, 2011

Icelandic government slams ‘intolerable’ US investigation of MP who helped Julian Assange

Julian Assange
13 Dec, 2010

WikiLeaks chief was already wanted by US when he played the daring ‘prank’