One-Minute Read
10 Dec, 2010

Business digest: €4bn deal agreed to pay back UK and Netherlands for picking up tab for Icesave

British Airways
One-Minute Read
30 Jul, 2010

Business Digest: Cabin crew strike and Icelandic ash cloud cost airline £250m

Julian Assange by Rob McGee
One-Minute Read
17 Jun, 2010

Site prepares to leak video of second US attack on civilians as search goes on for founder Julian Assange

Plumes of smoke from volcano Eyjafjallajokull; Iceland's volcanic eruption
One-Minute Read
21 Apr, 2010

BA chief Willie Walsh orders long-haul flights to head for home - and only then gets permission to land

Gary Numan
One-Minute Read
16 Apr, 2010

Ash cloud emanating from Icelandic volcano looks likely to keep British acts away from the famous US music festival

One-Minute Read
07 Jan, 2010

Only seven days into new decade and complex foreign debt problems emerge

One-Minute Read
27 Oct, 2009

The global burger colossus is closing its Reykjavik outlets in the wake of the financial crisis

West Ham
One-Minute Read
09 Jun, 2009

Following their takeover yesterday by CB Holdings, the Premier League club must suspend its debt obligations or face bankruptcy