Birgitta Jonsdottir

Iceland and Twitter stand up to US WikiLeaks probe

News Mon 10 Jan, AT 15:20

Icelandic government slams ‘intolerable’ US investigation of MP who helped Julian Assange

Julian Assange

Assange attended US embassy party in Iceland

News Mon 13 Dec, AT 13:05

WikiLeaks chief was already wanted by US when he played the daring ‘prank’


Iceland agrees 30-year deal to pay back UK

News Fri 10 Dec, AT 11:55

Business digest: €4bn deal agreed to pay back UK and Netherlands for picking up tab for Icesave

British Airways

BA upbeat despite £164m loss in last quarter

News Fri 30 Jul, AT 12:09

Business Digest: Cabin crew strike and Icelandic ash cloud cost airline £250m

Julian Assange by Rob McGee

WikiLeaks to post video of fateful Granai attack

News Thu 17 Jun, AT 14:22

Site prepares to leak video of second US attack on civilians as search goes on for founder Julian Assange