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Migrant workers protest in Trafalgar Square

UK immigration statistics: the data behind the headlines

Tue 6 May, AT 10:31

How has the UK’s ethnic make-up changed and has immigration always been on the increase?

Ken Clarke

Ken Clarke 'rebuked' by No 10 over pro-immigration remarks

One-Minute Read
Mon 13 Jan, AT 14:51

Former justice secretary says those who believe EU responsible for 'waves of migration' are 'deluded'

Vince Cable: PM's plan to cut immigration is unachievable

One-Minute Read
Tue 7 Jan, AT 08:53

Business secretary speaks out as survey finds that three-quarters of people want curbs in immigration

EU migrants: No 'influx' from Romania as controls lifted

First Reaction
Thu 2 Jan, AT 09:02

Press and MPs accused of 'xenophobia' and 'hysteria' as 'stampede' of EU migrants fails to materialise

Vince Cable

Vince Cable attack on 'panicked' Tories will 'poison' coalition

First Reaction
Mon 23 Dec, AT 10:41

Business secretary 'infuriates' Tory MPs by linking migrant crackdown to 'racist' Enoch Powell speech


EU migrants: why Cameron was driven to take action

Wed 18 Dec, AT 10:08
The Mole

Romanian 'surge' may be a phantom problem but electorate and MPs demanded a solution

David Cameron's speech

Cameron rushes in migrant benefit curbs to meet 1 January deadline

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Wed 18 Dec, AT 08:11

Concern about influx of migrants from Romania and Bulgaria forces PM's hand on new measures

Here come the Romanians - but is leaving home really that easy?

Wed 4 Dec, AT 15:09
Nigel Horne

Andrea and Gabriel left Bucharest for London to earn money to pay for their wedding. But it's not a real life

Fury as EU man attacks PM for fuelling migration 'hysteria'

Wed 27 Nov, AT 09:59
The Mole

Plans to stop Romanians and Bulgarians getting instant benefits are an 'over-reaction' says Laszlo

David Cameron

PM on 'collision course' with EU over migrant benefits

Wed 27 Nov, AT 09:50

Do Cameron's measures to curb immigration from Romania and Bulgaria comply with EU law?