'Population bomb': can Britain cope with more immigration?

Talking Point Thu 7 Nov, AT 13:35

Don't panic, says statistician, amid calls for border controls to deal with soaring population


As French do deal on Hinkley C Boris backs 'Johnny Foreigner'

Mon 21 Oct, AT 09:41 The Mole

One in ten Brits living in Germany is on benefits, says mayor: migration is good for us and good for the world


Message to China: welcome to London if you're very, very rich

Mon 14 Oct, AT 09:24 The Mole

George Osborne isn't just making life easier for Chinese shoppers: he wants oligarchs with billions to invest

E-borders Q&A: why scheme is 'failing to stop terror suspects'

Briefing Wed 9 Oct, AT 10:04

Government e-borders scheme only monitoring two-thirds of people coming in and out of the UK

Tony Abbott

What will tough new PM Tony Abbott mean for Australia?

Briefing Wed 18 Sep, AT 12:15

Today is 'an action day' says conservative 'Mad Monk' as he's sworn in

Hunt for illegal immigrants at stations 'akin to Nazi Germany'

One-Minute Read Fri 2 Aug, AT 10:50

'Heavy handed' border officials wearing stab vests accused of targeting non-white people in London

BBC immigration coverage affected by 'liberal bias'

First Reaction Wed 3 Jul, AT 16:26

Report claims that corporation was 'slow' to react to public concern on key issues

John Bercow: Migrants show more 'aptitude' to work than Britons

One-Minute Read Wed 5 Jun, AT 09:14

Speaker's neutrality under scrutiny after commenting on political hot potato of Eastern European immigration


Watershed day as parties stick together on immigration

Mon 25 Mar, AT 11:40 The Mole

UKIP's second place at Eastleigh is having a knock-on effect as Lib Dems and Labour swallow old objections