The Independent

19 Jun, 2012

Opinion digest: Europe's economic crisis rolls on, Rio Earth Summit 2012 and tennis tantrums

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner
15 Jun, 2012

Argentine President Kirchner calls UK rule of Falklands ‘an affront’ as islanders’ offer of direct talks is ignored

Danny Boyle's Olympic ceremony model
12 Jun, 2012

Sheep, horses, chickens and a cricket match to appear in the Olympic opening ceremony

Sienna Miller
23 Sep, 2011

Actress who took on News of the World over phone hacking initially pointed the finger at family and friends

Johann Hari
13 Jul, 2011

Inquiry will determine whether journalist lifted quotes and used pseudonym to attack critics online

Evgeny Lebedev
05 Jul, 2011

Evgeny Lebedev, son of KGB officer Alexander, calls for newspapers to act together to defend free speech

Johann Hari
29 Jun, 2011

Journalist at centre of plagiarism row and Twitter backlash says sorry over ‘error of judgement’ but denies ‘churnalism’

Independent front cover on Bahrain
15 Jun, 2011

Bahrain accuses paper of libel after Robert Fisk questions Khalifa family outrages - but will it come to court?

John Bercow
08 Jun, 2011

Paper is a bigoted comic cartoon strip, says Speaker, who is supposed to be a neutral figure in parliament

Alexander Lebedev
02 Nov, 2010

Owner of the Independent and Evening Standard is ‘holding talks’ with police