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Johann Hari

Independent’s Johann Hari apologises over quotes

Wed 29 Jun, AT 13:04

Journalist at centre of plagiarism row and Twitter backlash says sorry over ‘error of judgement’ but denies ‘churnalism’

Independent front cover on Bahrain

Bahrain regime sues Indie over ‘tin-pot’ jibes

Wed 15 Jun, AT 13:17

Bahrain accuses paper of libel after Robert Fisk questions Khalifa family outrages - but will it come to court?

John Bercow

Speaker Bercow attacks ‘sexist, racist’ Daily Mail

Wed 8 Jun, AT 10:58

Paper is a bigoted comic cartoon strip, says Speaker, who is supposed to be a neutral figure in parliament

Alexander Lebedev

Russian police stage ‘mask show’ at Lebedev’s offices

Tue 2 Nov, AT 10:20

Owner of the Independent and Evening Standard is ‘holding talks’ with police

Rebekah Wade and James Murdoch

What were senior Murdoch aides doing at the Mail?

Thu 22 Apr, AT 18:30

Talk of a co-ordinated effort to help Cameron against Clegg after Murdoch execs appear in Kensington

Alexander Lebedev

Alexander Lebedev buys the Independent for £1

Thu 25 Mar, AT 17:10

The former KGB agent safeguards the papers’ future and sets up a foundation to support them