Narendra Modi: is he changing India for the better?

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Tue 26 May, AT 11:13

After a year in office, the 'hyperactive' Indian PM is struggling to cope with the 'tyranny of high expectations'

Narendra Modi meets Li Keqiang

India and China: Narendra Modi meets Li Keqiang in Beijing

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Fri 15 May, AT 10:46

Indian PM uses three-day visit to China to raise the border issues with his Chinese counterpart

Indian police buy pepper spray drones to control unruly mobs

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Wed 8 Apr, AT 12:07

Police in Uttar Pradesh want to use drones for crowd control and keeping track of criminals

Parents in India risk lives to help children cheat in exams

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Fri 20 Mar, AT 15:00

Desperate parents scale the walls of exam centres to help children pass 'make-or-break' tests

Swine flu: what is the H1N1 virus and how is it spread?

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Fri 27 Feb, AT 13:01

As India battles to contain one of its worst swine flu outbreaks, doctors urge people to protect themselves

India tiger

India's tiger population surges due to conservation efforts

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Wed 21 Jan, AT 11:51

Measures to combat poaching and habitat destructions have worked – but they may not be continued

Donkeys given award for loyalty by Indian politician

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Fri 9 Jan, AT 15:43

Vatal Nagaraj says domestic animals are 'more loyal than human beings' and deserve to be honoured

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma scores world record 264 in ODI – video

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Thu 13 Nov, AT 13:02

Indian opening batsman shatters records with astonishing 173-ball innings against Sri Lanka

Vigilantes cut off alleged rapist's penis

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Fri 10 Oct, AT 14:14

The act was intended to 'send a strong message', but Indian police warn against mob justice

Indian police investigate white tiger attack at Delhi Zoo

Delhi zoo faces inquiry after white tiger kills young man

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Wed 24 Sep, AT 16:34

The attack is 'latest in a long history of avoidable tragedies' at India's National Zoological Park