Sachin Tendulkar retires – the  Little Master in pictures

Sachin Tendulkar on brink of a spectacular farewell to cricket

First Reaction Thu 14 Nov, AT 13:24

India transfixed as the Little Master reaches 38 not out in what could be his last-ever innings

Sachin Tendulkar retires – the  Little Master in pictures

Tendulkar farewell: iffy LBW spells strife for English umpire

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Nigel Llong gets in the neck from Indian fans as he gives the Little Master out for just ten

India's Mars mission Q&A: what will Mangalyaan discover?

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Can India afford the £60m it's costing to become the fourth agency to reach the Red Planet?

Mumbai attack: Outcry as another woman gang-raped

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India outrage after photo-journalist is attacked by five men at abandoned mill

Was British 8-year-old murdered for her organs?

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Parents claim their child was killed so her kidneys and liver could be sold on black market