India complains to BBC over Jeremy Clarkson's 'cheap jibes'

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Thu 12 Jan, AT 10:23

Clarkson joked that everyone who goes to India 'gets the trots' in Top Gear Christmas special

Vijay Mallya denies Kingfisher Airlines is about to collapse

One-Minute Read
Tue 15 Nov, AT 14:44

Indian billionaire says talk of grounding is 'neither fair nor reasonable'


Brics countries discuss aid for eurozone

Wed 14 Sep, AT 11:33

Business digest: Leading emerging economies may buy up the debt of eurozone countries

Nikita Thukral

Indian actress banned over ‘affair’ with co-star

Tue 13 Sep, AT 17:30

Karnataka film industry tries to blacklist Nikita Thukral for disrupting ‘domestic harmony’ of colleague Darshan

Arundhati Roy

Roy attacks anti-corruption campaigner Anna Hazare

Tue 23 Aug, AT 16:47

Booker prize-winning author says Anna Hazare’s hunger strike may have echoes of Gandhi, but his demands do not

Anna Hazare

Corruption hunger striker has India's rulers rattled

Thu 18 Aug, AT 11:47

Popular protests force government to allow Anna Hazare to stage fast in Delhi park