Indian Ocean

Flight MH370

Flight MH370: the five best accounts to follow on Twitter

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Fri 25 Apr, AT 14:36

Where to look for the best news and analysis on missing Malaysia Airways flight MH370

French teen bitten 'in half' by shark on holiday island

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Tue 16 Jul, AT 12:42

Girl, 15, becomes second victim of fatal shark attack on Reunion Island this year

Watts and McGregor 'superb' in tsunami film The Impossible

Hot Ticket
Wed 2 Jan, AT 07:33

Astonishing effects and great performances leave audiences white-knuckled and teary-eyed


Save Jeremy Hunt: Tory MP quits Mauritius honeymoon to vote

Wed 13 Jun, AT 09:12
The Mole

David Cameron wants all hands on deck after Nick Clegg told Lib Dems to abstain in vote on Hunt's conduct

Somali pirate

Killing of Somali pirate will only make matters worse

Wed 24 Mar, AT 12:13

The lethal defence of a cargo ship off Somalia will push the pirates to worse acts of violence


This week’s dream: rugged Indian Ocean paradise

Thu 30 Apr, AT 13:19

Rodrigues, the little sister of Mauritius, marks the boundary between Africa and Asia and has the culture, and beaches, to match